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Fire Damage Restoration service

Disasters always come unexpectedly and cause unprecedented harm. Fire disasters can cause a lot of harm to people and their belongings. However, even if you prevent the loss of life from such disasters, the damage done to the belonging is often too much to bear. Watching your possessions getting destroyed can leave a scar on one’s heart but be assured, there are fire damage restoration services actively working to help restore and replace your damaged possessions for you.

In the case of fire-related disasters, rapid action is required otherwise damage to the possessions can be irreversible. Usually, it’s not the fire that harms the items instead the items are more damaged by the smoke and acidic soot. The soot can result in rapid deterioration of items and it needs to be removed immediately. The odor of smoke and soot also persists long after a fire and it needs to smoke cleaning otherwise it can lead to respiratory issues.

Fire cleaning service

The Need For Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

A professional smoke damage restoration service is needed as fire disasters need to be handled by professionally trained individuals. There is no room for error and a lot of factors have to be carefully evaluated before making a decision. To efficiently recover and repair the damaged good, a quick response is needed as the items can deteriorate or corrode if not taken care of as soon as possible.

smoke damage restoration
Fire damage cleaning

What service do we offer?

Our fire restoration company is based in Singapore and we are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment required to complete the job efficiently to ensure your satisfaction. The services we offer include:

Full damage evaluation: Before we begin with the fire damage cleaning process, we analyze and evaluate the total damage caused by the fire and compile a list of all damaged items along with how they need to be treated. We also evaluate the depreciated value, remaining life expectancy of an item, and most importantly the sentimental value of the item. Depending on these factors along with the severity of damage caused by the smoke we will determine whether the items need to be repaired or replaced.

Damage restoration/recovery: The items affected by soot are isolated and soot is removed and discarded safely. Afterward, to prevent the item from corroding, anti-corrosion chemicals are applied to them to stop deterioration. Smoke caused by fire can leave behind toxic odor which needs to be removed, we use high-quality filtration systems to filter out the smoke particles and neutralize the odor using high-quality deodorizers.

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Why choose us?

Our service is available 24/7 so you can call us at any time and we will be there for you.

Our staff includes only the most trained and experienced professionals to ensure that we can offer the best fire damage cleaning services Singapore has to offer.

We understand how hard it must be to lose your prized possessions, so you can rest assured as our staff will listen to all your needs and requirements and make sure to lessen your burden.

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