Flood Cleaning

Flood Damage Cleaning

Problems such as flooding always come when least expected and it has to be handled quickly to avoid long term damage to the building. Flooding can be caused by many sources which could be leakage from cracked pipes, burst water mains, or rainfall as Singapore has a tropical climate having frequent rainfalls.

Flooding can result in huge problems especially if you have a lot of electronic equipment or carpets. If water is not drained quickly than it can cause internal damage to the walls and floors by seeming into it making the overall structure.

Flooded room Cleaning

The need for professional flood damage restoration services

Flood related damage is not something one can handle on their own, you will need a professional flood damage cleaning service to efficiently drain the water properly from the building. Professional flood restoration services are also equipped with industry grade equipment which is very efficient for draining water and restoring the damage.

Such services have experienced professionals and understand how to deal with problems efficiently. If water is not properly drained, the remaining moisture can create a damp environment leading to a full-scale mold infestation. Mold growth can lead to all sorts of problems ranging from health issues to damage to items, that’s why it’s important to hire a professional flood damage restoration service.

Flood-Clean Service

What service do we offer?

As a Singapore based flood restoration service, we are fully aware of all sorts of problems that can arise due to the frequent rainfalls as well as any other flooding source, and we are fully equipped to deal with all sorts of problems. We can handle a complete restoration service by ourselves. The services we offer include:

We will extract all the flooding water as well as any water that might have seeped into the flooded carpet cleaning, floors, and walls.

Any residual moisture will be removed using industry-grade dehumidifiers leaving behind only humidity-free dried surfaces

We offer all kinds of  flooded carpet drying services to ensure your carpets are restored to their previous state

We are well-equipped with removing any mold and restoring the mold-infested items to their previous states.

We use industry recommended deodorants to remove any kind of odor that might have resulted from flooding.

We will carefully dry your documents and restore them if possible.


Why choose us?

Quick and 24/7 availability: Our service is available 24/7 so you can call us at any time and our staff will be available at your service.

Professionally trained staff: Our staff includes only the most trained and experienced professionals to ensure that we can offer the best flood damage recovery services Singapore has to offer.

Industry-grade equipment: Our equipment and tools are all industry-grade products and go through regular maintenance to ensure that the job is completed in minimum time with maximum efficiency.

Fast and reliable service: Our service is very time flexible and fast. Our customer service staff is available at all times so you can call us anytime and we will be available. Your satisfaction is very important to us so rest assured all your needs will be met.

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